Successful Training Is More Than Dedication, Its Education!

Scientific research shows that strength training slows the aging time-clock

  • Proves to be a force multiplier in improving overall health
  • Promotes improved memory recognition, well being, sleep cycles, glucose control, immune system, bone density, and much more
  • Strengthens not only the muscular-skeletal system, but also the immune, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems as well
  • Reduces symptoms of numerous diseases and chronic conditions

Why Should Kettlebell Training Be A Part of Your Workout Regime?

  • Scientifically Proven To Be Among The Most Efficient & Effective At Strengthening Cardiovascular, Respiratory, & Muscular Skeletal Systems
  • The Kettlebell Snatch is a total-body workout performed in intervals. By itself, its considered complete, strengthening the entire body.
  • Provides a much higher intensity workout than weightlifting alone (86-99 % maximal heartrate, 67-91% of maximal oxygen uptake)
  • CALORIE BURN: 20 Minutes of Kettlebell training is equivalent to 1 Hour of Weight Training or 45 minutes of High Impact Aerobics!

FMS Is A Corrective Protcol That Helps To Strengthen Areas Prone To Injury

  • Discover Your Limitations In Range, Movement, and Flexibility Before An Injury Occurs
  • Weekly Workouts Build Strength In Vulnerable Areas
  • As You Adapt To The Corrective Protocol, Your Risk Toward Injury Will Decrease While Performance Increases

FitRanx - The Revolutionary Fitness Challenge Made For You

  • It's A Training Protocal Designed To Bring Out Your Own Personal Peak Level of Performance
  • It Uses A Standardized Ranking System Based On Your Individual Level Of Growth
  • It's A Constant Battle Of You vs. Yourself
  • The Question Is, Do You Have What It Takes To Perform Better? Check Out The Video!
Diet &

Fitness Centers & Personal Trainers
Are They Really Focused On Your Growth?

Many of the fitness centers and personal trainers use specific business models for attracting clientele. Using a multi-stage approach for increased cash flow, the formula begins by lowering the entry barrier (monthly dues) and relies on continous volume to support the personal trainers, supplement store, and protein shake or bar. It's no coincidence that their built around long term contracts, as their statistics show evidence of a near 80% dropoff rate at 3 months. The kicker is that they depend on failure. If the majority of members met with success, they would have to continual expand their gym. We at KBTUSA want to focus on your success and your word of mouth referrals to drive our programs as you train less with our trainers and more on your own.

Have you ever noticed that all the floor staff at big-brand fitness-centers are in excellent shape?

Is this a result of the fitnesss center performance record or just merely a result of genetics and natural selection?

By highlighting those with excellent physiques, new prospects associate peak-fitness as a result of gym membership. All this perfection, the state of the art machinery, the big-brand-identity, and the buff salesman are the winning combinations that makes identify the gym as the solution to your path towards perfection. Of coarse, all this is happening while the fitness center and its staff are depending on the 80% dropoff rate so that they can reasonably sign new members without having to expand.

Sure the floors are covered with expensive machinery from wall to wall, but this isn't necessarily for your benefit, but rather for the benefit of the gym. It provides a message, a simple, but powerful message that is hidden. No one needs to say it aloud because it's designed to happen in your mind. If it where to be written on the wall, it would read something like this:

Hidden Message At Typical Fitness Centers:

"Look around! These are the machines that built great bodies! The pictures on the walls, the staff that works here, its pure evidence of the results of the state of the art fitness equipment. These machines, with solid discipline, and the supplements that we can provide, are what you need to become that athlete you always desired to be!

Oh yeah, keep paying your monthly dues."

If this all sounds familiar to you, well it is. Its an age old marketing practice, used by just about all the gyms around town. After signing the 2 year contract, and utilizing the workout-plan/suggestions of your favorite athlete or the great looking young personal trainer (the one that has the genetic profile that you desire) , the majority drop off in less than 3 months. The Storyline here is, "No Pain, No Gain" and has left you over-fatigued, under nourished, and in some cases, a bit of a sleeping disorder. If your part of the select group that made it through the 3 month barrier using the conventional training plans, congratulations, my hat is off to you. You either have award winning genetics, have a superb connection with an advanced supplements guy, and/or have your diet so dialed-in that you, yourself, should be writing a book on the topic.

The Problem Confusion Between Correlation & Causation

All too often fitness client's resort to conventional wisdom when adopting a fitness program. Confusing correlation with causation, they'll assume that if they train like their favorite athletes, that they will get the same results. What they fail to realize is that the majority of people that make a career with athleticism are genetically gifted and therefore are able to out-train, out-build, and out-perform the average. They fail to consider all of the factors involved. At the top of the list is genetics, undisclosed performance enhancers, years of strength training, years of skill training, cardio & respiratory condition, bone-density, and the list goes on. Though an athletic client is bound to get short-term results, he is more likely to get over fatigued and/or injured over an extended period. If he is lucky enough to side-step injury (joint pain, twisted ankle, blown rotator cuff, slipped disc, etc), the conventional training program will not be providing enough stimulus, rest, and/or adequate nutrition. As they see the results drop off because of the compounding fatigue. Conventional wisdom, at this point, would dictate to train even harder. The famous motto "No Pain, No Gain" fails them yet again.

The Basics of Fitness Training so often gets overlooked. Though the premise is simple: eat well, get plenty of water, and get adequate rest. The devil is always in the details.

Is Your Trainer Qualified Enough?

Your personal trainer probably has an excellent physique, but is that a result of education or merely excellent genetics? Does he/she know what it takes to make an overweight individual leaner? Does he/she have some roots in psychology in order to help keep the motivation levels high? Do they offer advice or proven tools for dietary selection?

Its so easy to get a basic training certification and those with excellent genetics clearly have the advantage. The training can be comprised of a 1-3 day seminar, along with CPR certification. While the texts are somewhat lengthy, and provide a decent basis of information, there is much more to be desired. Unfortunately, the bar to become a certified trainer is low and also happens to be where many trainers end their education. So buyer beware, choose your trainers that motivate, educate, measure, monitor, adjust, and control your program. Look for a trainer that has many certifications and a desire to help you the individual succeed.

How We Differ From The Rest

We offer a semi-private fitness center geared for a variety of strength training and exercise protocols lead by myself, Robert Pelsang (a former Navy Nuclear Submarine Reactor Operator). The first thing you will notice when you walk into our gym is that we are smaller than most so that we can focus on the individual, training one on one, with exception to the occasional group class. We would rather help one person succeed the right way than sell a thousand 20 dollar memberships to people who will eventually fail! And for that reason, you won't find a team of high priced salesmen, nor will you find a huge array of machines throughout the floor. What you will find, however, is equipment that helps us and you not to get distracted, but to focus on the basic fundamentals of exercise science: functional movement, strength, power, and endurance. The benefit of all this is Results!

You Won't Find This Level Of Attention At Your Average Gym!

Conventional wisdom has us believing that three times a week or more, at an hour a session is the required serious program, we'll have you know this is not necessarily the case. This may be the case the conventional wisdom says when treating the masses, but not the individual. Since everyone is an individual having his/her own set of strengths, weaknesses, goals, limitations, and timelines, conventional wisdom ends up doing more harm then good as it causes some to not do anything at all. For this reason, training for each person is unique being derived from performance assessment tests and schedule availability. We train at 5am or Midnite, so what is your schedule like?

Foundation Of Our Training Program:

  • Safety and Injury Prevention (Functional Movement Screen)
    For safety concerns, and the mindset adopted from the medical community "Do No Harm", we start with an well established and documented functional movement screen (FMS). This establishes a persons range of flexibility, strength, and conditioning as well as provides insights to where areas of weakness reside so that we can add adaptive exercise in accordance with proven methods.
  • Age Related Performance Level Testing (FitRanx)
    Every age range has a certain level of expection as far a performance (strength, endurance, and respiratory ability) is concerned. Using FitRanx, an established age bracketed performance testing system, we can guage stress level readiness for your training programs. Gone are the days of guessing, you know exactly where you are and the trajectory of your training path based on established scientific standards.
  • Physical Training, Protocols & Stimulus Adoption
    From the FMS and Fitranx results, a training program addressing weaknesses and strengths at the tested level of intensity is set into place. With each session, heartrate and performance is measured, along with the required amount of time for rest. These sessions provide for the stimulus on which your body has to adapt to over time. As you progress, as evidenced by the measured results, the program will change yet again.
  • Re-evaluation: Rinse, Recycle, & Repeat
    At variable time periods, based on the adoption of the set training, the program revisits the Functional Movement Screen and Fitranx testing in order to measure improvements, adjust program and see what FitRanX Fitness Level you can achieve. What you'll find over time, is that your body is adapting to the changes; your strength, endurance, and vitality (fitness level) is elevating and as a result, your feeling more happier and more energetic.

My Struggle Can Be Related To:

Fitness Instructor and Personal Training Coach : Robert PelsandRobert Pelsang, a Former Naval Submarine Nuclear Reactor Operator turned fitness instructor. He has taken the same dedication and mindset used under his Navy Career, applied it to fitness instruction, and wants to help you to succeed.

If You feel tired, hurt, weak, and/or suffering from illness, well, I have too. I have been there and walked that walk. I had serious weight issues (over 100lbs overweight), back gout and diabetes along with a difficulty of litterly pulling my own weight. Naturally with all these afflictions, I encountered bouts of serious depression. It only takes one afflication to cascade a domino effect, like a downward spiraling freight-train.

I'll never forget exact moment when I determined things needed to change. This wasn't just any decision, it was a life altering moment that occured when my doctor said "Bob, unless you don't do something quickly, your kidneys will be shutting down". It was at that moment that I could do only what I knew: change my diet and exercise through the pain.

I'm not going to lie to you, with the gout and the back, the pain was excruitating. At times, I just wanted to quit. I only had one other choice, but this life was worth living. So with each day, I fought and I learned, and overtime, the pain subsided, as did the symtoms of gout, back pain, and diabetes. In total I dropped over 200 pounds, and I continue the fight. It was a couple of years ago, having gone through this great experience, I decided I wanted to help others so that they do not ever have to travel a simialar path.

I began working as a physical trainer at a hospital (CentraState), and after gaining much practical experience working with all sorts of members and patients over the years, I decided to open my own gym.

#Your Health & Quality of Life is Dependant On You!

All my life, I've been hearing, "It will be part of my new years resolution!". "In due time", was the mantra. "There is a time and a place for everything!".

Well, I here to tell you, "Your Time is Now!". Each and everyday to procastinate is a day less forfilled. And before you know it, the new year has came and went. Like dominos, so goes your health, so I implore you, catch it while you can. Complacency is not your friend!

Choosing The Right Fitness Trainer / Coach:

You may be asking yourself or friends questions like "How Do I Find The Right Fitness Trainer?" or "Who's The Best Fitness Coach?". That's great, as your are already focused on quality. Many people, when making big descisions, tend to put more effort in the process of finding the perfect whatever, rather then taking action. Its the action that is so important, as thinking about it will never get you there.

Set a research timeline, establish qualifications for safety, performance, and look for a personality fit. Oh, and don't make the assumption, like I originally did, that the most fit instructor knows how to help you get fit (remember the genetic predisposition). Then, and only then, take action based on substance, rather then a coupon or free trail. A mismatch will cost you more time and money in the long run, trust me, I been there.

Take Action & Take Control of Your Life. And remember, exercise and fitness is a journey.


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