Successful Training Is More Than Dedication, Its Education!
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Training Services Offered By Coach Bob
Offering On Location Training Services

Though our main focus at Kettlebell Training USA, is to offer proper Kettlebell instruction, we recognize that we have to mix it up depending on the goals of the client and the plan set forth. It is for this reason that we offer training in a variety of areas including the following:

The last, and probably the most important of all is the psychology of instruction. For many whom have been out of shape for an extended period of time, typical instruction will not always work out.  You need someone like Coach Bob who understands where you are and where you want to get to.  Not to mention all the traps and pitfalls that will try to stump your everymove.  How much more successful will you be if you have help navigating these issues.
Once you have comitted financially to training you have no choice, use the training or lose it.  What better motivation is there than that?  It works so sign up for training and get scheduled in advance for every session.  You will be glad you did.

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