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About Coach Bob, Certified Kettlebell & Fitness Instructor

Fitness Coach / Instructor : Central NJRobert Pelsang (aka Coach Bob) is a respected Fitness Coach and Trainer that has helped many individuals reach their fitness goals because he can relate to them at their level.

He has been through the full spectrum from Fit to Injured for years to Fat and back to Fit again. He has been in everyones shoes literally with back, knee and feet injuries, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity. His VA Doctor told him "You are the only person I have had come off of all medications, lose high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol why don't you become a trainer and teach people how fitness can change their lives?" He did and still does it till this day.

Coach Bob already had much experience from being an 11 Year Navy Submarine Force Veteran. And in his school days he lettered in school in Wrestling, played football, and also ran 8 miles a day but he knew he wanted some more training. He went to Penn Foster for his Fitness and Nutrition Certification then to NCSF for his personal training certification. His career took off when he was hired by 2 Fitness and Wellness Centers that were associated with 2 major hospitals in New Jersey. There he focused on helping some clients who have for 8 years not met their goals and amazingly his programming got results. He is the friend who can coach and is always bringing new ideas to the table. He is spending just as much time learning new certifications as he is working out. He loves to blend new techniques with the proven methods of the old.

As a Kettlebell Coach and Trainer, Robert Pelsang focuses on helping others to learn the power of volume training and strength endurance. He is big into helping you to get the energy you need to survive a full days work not a 5 minute day of work. Workload volume is the key phrase of the day in his vocabulary.

Professional Certifications & Qualifications Include:

  4. FMS
  5. WKC-Trainer
    My instructor was Jamie Pigman Veteran Navy Medic shot in Afghanistan. A disabled veteran who used kettlebells to recover from his knee being rebuilt. He inspired me to try Kettlebells for my recovery.
  6. WKC-Coach
    My instructor was Internationally renowned Master of Sport Valery Federenko and US Master of Sport Catherine Imes. Check them both out on YouTube.
  7. DotFit Nutrition Certified
  8. Neuromuscular Stretching
  9. Coaching Psychology - Sure Institute
  10. TRX Suspension Training Certification as developed by Navy Seals
  11. Optimum Performance Training Protocol Training
    For the Pregnant Client, Diabetic Client, and other populations

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