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We design and encourage inputs on design of our class schedule so if you can get a group of 8 or more together for a class let us know and we will work with you to make it happen with instructors, class space and times, etc.......

We encourage people to attend these Classes:


What will you enjoy?  When it comes to cardio it does not matter what we do as much as it matters that we do it!  Nike's Slogan say "Just Do It!" and they are correct it is better to start then wait for the perfect time, the perfect day, etc....  some of you will never ever start.  Punch Cards or Group Class purchases online allow you to try a variety of things without being locked into just one.

We made it easy for you by making most of the classes work with a group class punch card system or online automated system as we upgrade the studio you will check in from your computer or your phone and no money will trade hands anymore.  The goal is we come to the studio and classes for fitness not paperwork.  So we will always encourage you to RSVP online and pay online but you can always pay us directly if that is easier for you.