Successful Training Is More Than Dedication, Its Education!

Scientific research shows that strength training slows the aging time-clock

  • Proves to be a force multiplier in improving overall health
  • Promotes improved memory recognition, well being, sleep cycles, glucose control, immune system, bone density, and much more
  • Strengthens not only the muscular-skeletal system, but also the immune, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems as well
  • Reduces symptoms of numerous diseases and chronic conditions

Why Should Kettlebell Training Be A Part of Your Workout Regime?

  • Scientifically Proven To Be Among The Most Efficient & Effective At Strengthening Cardiovascular, Respiratory, & Muscular Skeletal Systems
  • The Kettlebell Snatch is a total-body workout performed in intervals. By itself, its considered complete, strengthening the entire body.
  • Provides a much higher intensity workout than weightlifting alone (86-99 % maximal heartrate, 67-91% of maximal oxygen uptake)
  • CALORIE BURN: 20 Minutes of Kettlebell training is equivalent to 1 Hour of Weight Training or 45 minutes of High Impact Aerobics!

FMS Is A Corrective Protcol That Helps To Strengthen Areas Prone To Injury

  • Discover Your Limitations In Range, Movement, and Flexibility Before An Injury Occurs
  • Weekly Workouts Build Strength In Vulnerable Areas
  • As You Adapt To The Corrective Protocol, Your Risk Toward Injury Will Decrease While Performance Increases

FitRanx - The Revolutionary Fitness Challenge Made For You

  • It's A Training Protocal Designed To Bring Out Your Own Personal Peak Level of Performance
  • It Uses A Standardized Ranking System Based On Your Individual Level Of Growth
  • It's A Constant Battle Of You vs. Yourself
  • The Question Is, Do You Have What It Takes To Perform Better? Check Out The Video!
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Kettlebell Training USA, is a New Jersey (NJ) based on and off location service offered by kettlebell trainer Bob Pelsang. For more information, review the pages within the site or call 732-903-LIFT(5438), and ask for Coach Bob.

Kettlebell Training in NJ and DE Certified Kettlebell Trainer & Fitness Instructor For Private or Public Coaching in NJ 732-903-LIFT(5438)
Certified Kettlebell Trainer & Fitness instructor in Jackson New Jersey (NJ). Also Offering Online Nutrition & Professional on location for Private Fitness Training & Kettlebell Coaching in Freehold, Toms River, Jackson, Brick, Millstone
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Training Services Offered By Coach Bob Offering On Location Training Services
NJ's Kettlebell Training provides Variety of fitness training certifications and physical training offerings by Personal Coach based in Central New Jersey (NJ).
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Varieties of Weightloss and Nutrition
Kettlebell Training Watch the movement grow rapidly in the United States.
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About Coach Bob, Certified Kettlebell & Fitness Instructor
Robert Pelsang Coach of Kettlebell Teams uses FMS Functional Movement Screen and many baseline tests to ensure goal monitoring. TRX, Kettlebell, OPT optimum performance training.
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AKC Competition Kettlebells
You cannot Buy / Purchase AKC Competition Kettlebells at any local sporting goods store. You can online or with Coach Bob
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Compete in the Kettlebell Pentathalon!
WKC and AKC Pentathalon Competition video as shown on Join Team Kettlebulls, Team Stronghold, Team Threshold. Fitness Evaluations based on standardized point system that will have you pushing to your limits every time.
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University Wisconsin Study : Kettlebell Training Can Burn Up To 20 Calories A Minute
A study at the University of Wisconsin found that Kettlebell Training can burn up to 20 calories a minute.
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Client Testimonials : Personal Fitness Training
Personal fitness training testimonials from clients we have provided kettlebell, TRX, and fitness instruction to.
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Photo Gallery : Kettlebells, Training Class, Routines & More
Kettlebell training classmates and winner of the Arnold Classic, in the training class performing kettlebell routines and exercise
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Contact coach for personal training and demonstrations of the Kettlebell Federenko Method of Fitness in New Jersey. Sign up form.
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Fitness Tips given weekly by Coach Bob.
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Diet, Nutrition, and Weightloss
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Private Fitness Training
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